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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My 2014 ballot

It’s the most important thing we do, and it’s one week from today! I’m not saying my ballot is perfect. I had to choose some Democrats. The most important vote is for Andy Dawkins of the Green Party for Attorney General. For school board, I looked for keywords like “achievement gap,” and for judges, I selected candidates who were not endorsed by Rich Stanek. 

U.S. Senate: Al Franken
U.S. Representative: Keith Ellison
State Representative: Mike Frieberg
Governor/Lt. Gov.: Chris Wright & David Daniels
Secretary of State: Steve Simon
State Auditor: Patrick Dean
Attorney General: Andy Dawkins
County Sheriff: Eddie M. Frizell
School Board (Robbinsdale): Patricia Green, Andrea Bejarano-Robinson, Michael J. Herring, David Boone.
School District Levies: Yes to both.
Supreme Court: Wilhelmina Wright, Michelle L. MacDonald.

Other Judges: James A. Moore, Bridget Ann Sullivan, Chris Ritts, Amy Dawson.