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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movie Review: SiCKO

My friend Wendy wrote this review of the movie SiCKO. Reprinted with permission...

One of my most favorite bumper stickers is "If you're not infuriated, you're not paying attention!" Once again, we have another topic which is dire here in the United States - Healthcare. I just got back from opening night of Michael Moore's film "SICKO". I highly recommend each of you see it and remember political power is keeping it from being shown in suburban theatres because our government is trying to control the peoples reaction to this great film/documentary.

Let me give you a brief review of the film. We have been lied to by the government and media. Canadians are thrilled with their healthcare system and they wait 20 MINUTES in their emergency rooms and we wait 6 HOURS here in St. Paul!!! They pay NOTHING for their healthcare and love it. They buy policies when they visit the U.S. out of fear of our exorbitant costs in case they get injured or sick while here. England, France and Cuba have the same wonderful healthcare system and all their citizens enjoy better health and longevity than Americans! The doctors have nothing to complain about either, they still drive Audi's and live in 1 million dollar homes. They would refuse to work in our healthcare system! They would never turn a patient away for any insurance or financial reasons. Our Congress has been bought by the Pharmaceutical Companies and the American Medical Association with price tags of $78,000 up to $898,000 per person in donations to their campaigns. This is SICK! People have lost their homes and many have died because of insurance refusing to pay for care or because of restrictions on the care needed.

How much more do you need to know? Well, you can continue to live in complacency or vote for people who support single payer systems of healthcare/universal healthcare for ALL!

Furthermore, Michael Moore includes the facts in his documentary that in the U.S. other countries know we are afraid of our government and they work hard to control us, through healthcare, through making us pay for education and through making us pay for daycare. Get the people in the juggler philosophy! In France, education is paid for, the government provides nannies to families and they have free healthcare. For those of you who say "American...love it or leave it" I say what Ralph Nader's Father told people and that is,"Do you love your country?" Most would respond yes to that. Then do something to make it better! And we certainly could do a lot to make this country a ton better! In France, the government is afraid of the people and that is why there it is a government for and by the people. We lost that a long time ago and we have a ton of work to do to restore our democracy for and by the people and stop this from being a political system run by CAPITALISM! All in the name of profit!

Recommend you see the movie and think about your ability to help those who cannot help themselves.