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Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Christmas Blog Post

Solar Eclipse. Need I say more?

2014 Christmas Blog Post

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bandar is arrested

According to the Middle East Eye. Remember Bandar from Fahrenheit/911. I have heard some wild conspiracy theories this week. That Trump is moving against the Deep State, and he is out of the country for security reasons. That Hillary and McCain are wearing orthopedic boots to cover their ankle bracelets. That Obama was really being arraigned when he showed up for jury duty. I love love love conspiracy theorists but I must be patient to see which theories are backed up by evidence. We do know that Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested. Al-Waleed is Citigroup’s largest individual shareholder, and the Wikileaks Podesta emails showed that Citigroup selected Obama’s cabinet. Al-Waleed also owns the top 5 floors of Mandalay Bay.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Thoughts on death.

Thoughts on death.

Death can strike suddenly, and you don’t have a chance to say goodbye. My father was age 56 when he died, and I am 56 as of this writing. So here are some thoughts.… Not suicidal, but curious about what happens next. Curious about what happens next, but conscious that there might not be such a thing as curiosity. Hopeful, optimistic, faithful that there is a heaven, a purgatory, and a hell, but I don’t pretend to know with certainty. Sensitive to the Christian faith, but also to other faiths. Ready for anything. If I fade to black, I will no longer have the joy of life, but I will no longer have the stresses either. We have no memory from before we were born. What if we are reincarnated into the same life, over and over again? That’s why it’s important to take heaven with you wherever you go, and to feel joy at least once in your life. And all the rest. Love to all, who have passed before me, and who will pass after me. May the light of truth shine brightly throughout eternity.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Glad Hillary lost

I'm glad Hillary lost, but I'm not glad that Trump won. I'm scared, just like you. I hope that Trump will be better than GW Bush, and in some ways better than Hillary, but I honestly don't know. I voted for Jill Stein. Jill Stein did not affect the outcome. Minnesota did not affect the outcome. All votes in Minnesota were wasted. Votes that could've been spent getting us to 5%, getting us major party status, and raising awareness about our issues, which center around getting money out of politics. I hope the Democrats have learned their lesson, do not nominate a corrupt candidate, ever again.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Green Party Rally

Here are some good quotes from the Green Party Rally in St. Paul October 26. 

Trahern Crews, activist with Black Lives Matter and spokesperson for the Fourth Congressional District Green Party: “It’s time to do away with the two-party system in American politics...the Republicans and the Democrats are equally evil, equally corrupt....In cities where you see a lot of Democrat control, you’re going to see a lot of disparities, whether it’s in housing, whether it’s in economics, whether it’s in health, whether it’s police brutality. These are all a cause of pretend progressive policies put forth by the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party has a stranglehold on people of color, so we have to end that and start convincing people to vote independent and vote for the Green Party.”

Coleen Rowley, former FBI agent, whistleblower, and current peace activist: “I ran for Congress down in our second district back in 2006...when I ran against John Kline, the Republican warmonger...I thought the Democrats were the party of peace that opposed the Republicans...then in 2009 it really dawned on me that they were just changing slightly, tweaking, going from torture and detention, indefinite detention, to drone assassination under Obama. So I’ve been betrayed by these parties big-time....Hillary Clinton...has pledged to initiate a no-fly zone over Syria....General Dunford sat there and said ‘this means war on Syria and war on Russia.’ Russia is another nuclear superpower.”

Brandon Long, Chair of the Green Party of Minnesota: “If we were to get just one percent, it continues our minor party status....If we get five percent, this is the golden number here, we are a major party in Minnesota....What you’re going to hear from the corporate parties, particularly from the Democrats, is that this is a close race. This is in no way a close race. Today I just saw that Clinton is up by eight points. She can afford to lose a few percentage points....So what major party status means for us is that we no longer have to collect signatures just to get on the ballot....These are the kinds of barriers the corporate parties have set up for us.”

Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council Member: “I believe that we have an obligation to vote our heart, to vote our values, to vote our conscience, and a vote doesn’t even have to be for a winner. And I’m not pretending that Jill’s even going to win Minnesota. It would be fabulous, she’d definitely be the best president, the best choice. But every time we vote, we’re also making a statement. This is our chance, in the privacy [of the voting booth], whoever we are, we have as much voice as anybody else, however rich and powerful they are...we get to stake out what we believe in, and where we are....And it’s really important that the more votes that go for Green and that go for Jill Stein, the more people are going to see that that stuff’s important.”

YahNe Ndgo, spokesperson for Bernie or Bust movement: “We’re just accepting whatever we get. People are accepting Hillary Clinton just because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is horrible, but he is not a good enough excuse to ignore how horrible Hillary Clinton is....Nuclear war with Russia over hacking?...She actually said out of her mouth, we consider this hacking to be like a threat we will respond to with military force, and one of the first things I will do as President is to reassess our nuclear reality....I don’t understand how people after knowing that the Clinton campaign intentionally elevated Donald Trump...that they can say he’s a greater evil, how do you know that...[if you allow yourself] to be manipulated into voting for the person who gave you the greater evil?...I’m having a hard time being able to still have compassion for people who know who Hillary Clinton is, and are still using Donald Trump as an excuse to vote for her...’If I was born during the time of the slavery, if I was around during that time, I would have fought.’ I don’t think so. I don’t think so. It doesn’t seem like it, because we’re in that sort of time, and you’re not fighting....And that’s what’s happening right now. People are saying Black lives matter, unless they’re in Haiti. People are saying all lives matter, unless they’re Syrian, unless they’re Libyan, unless they’re Honduran. Like these are things Hillary Clinton had her hands directly in...she was a leading force....All day in my mind, I mean certain people, specific people, I’m like, oh my God, I need to say this to her, and I need to say that, because I can’t understand...I’m screaming in my Facebook chat, I DON’T CARE IF SHE CAN WIN! THAT’S NOT THE POINT! THAT’S NOT THE POINT! I DON’T WANT ANYBODY WHO’S PART OF MY CIRCLE TO BE CASTING THEIR VOTE FOR A MURDERING RACIST!...The point is that Jill stands where I stand. The point is that Jill is like me and that she cares about the lives of the people of Syria...she cares about the lives of the people of Rwanda, she actually does not believe that we need to dominate the whole globe. She wants to free the people of the U.S., and to free us to free the people of the world. THAT’S why I stand with her!”

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump can't win, Stein can

Trump can't win, because he can't build a winning coalition. If there are any Republicans out there, this may be hard to accept, but your chances are better with Jill Stein, because she hasn't pissed off Mexicans, Muslims, women, etc. You may not agree with Jill Stein, but she has one great thing going for her: She is not Hillary Clinton. Republicans, you are wrong about many things, but you are right about the Clinton Foundation. Hillary cares more about Swiss banks than she does the American people. And Gary Johnson can't win, because he can't build a winning coalition, either. Libertarians would do away with Social Security and Medicare, and even you Republicans like those programs. So you see, Jill Stein is your best chance. You get her up to 15%, you see her on that debate stage, and you won't be disappointed. She will go after Hillary like Trump can't, like Johnson can't, like Sanders couldn't. Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, join with us, and together we will beat Hillary Clinton!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We are so lucky to have Jill Stein!

Who would I vote for in a two-person contest? We are so lucky to have Jill Stein. Donald Trump keeps making it harder to make a case for him. Even his opposition to TPP is negated by his running mate. Maybe Bill Clinton really did prompt Trump to run and throw the election to Hillary. It would explain what’s happening. I’m afraid that Obama will sign the TPP after the election, then Hillary won’t fight to undo it. Jill Stein will fight to undo the TPP. It threatens our national sovereignty, our power to make our own laws. Hillary is doing a good job of defeating Trump. Wikileaks might do well to wait until Trump is no longer a realistic alternative to Hillary. Julian Assange said that WikiLeaks never sits on information. It does take time for them to format it, though. Today’s news has to do with Gilbert Chagoury, who has close ties to the Clintons and to Nigeria’s military dictator, and the ties between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Also in the News, WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the the conviction of whoever killed DNC staffer Seth Rich. It was an honor to have Julian Assange address the Green Party Convention. We are so lucky to have Jill Stein!