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Sunday, February 03, 2019

Fake News

Northam oppo research fail, rigged outcome? Parallel construction?

Rigged by Republicans and Democrats working together to get a certain puppet into office. Follow Northam to McAuliffe to Hillary and to McCabe. Follow the Clintons to the Bushes, Mena Arkansas and all the rest. One big happy crime family, Republicans and Democrats. Forget about Planned Parenthood for a moment, and imagine that abortion is just a wedge issue. Now, imagine that the NSA, through surveillance of all of our computers and cell phones, knew all of this. But they couldn’t just release the information because it was obtained while investigating other things. But then they see that all they need to do is send a reporter to the library to check out the yearbook. That’s an easy parallel construction, nobody can ever prove otherwise, and if that’s what happened, I think it’s awesome!

So far in 2019, we have the main stream media getting it wrong on whether Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, and wrong about what happened with the Catholic high school boys, the Native Americans, and the Black Hebrew Israelites. We have Republican opposition research and the main stream media totally dropping the ball on the Northam blackface and KKK picture. Could this be the beginning of the Great Awakening? At the State of the Union address Tuesday, will Trump use these examples to bolster his claims of fake news? Will he talk about the recent fentanyl border bust? Fentanyl, The drug that killed Prince and so many other Americans? Will he confront Nancy Pelosi, who will be seated behind him at the State of the Union address?

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Christmas 2018

Our 2018 Christmas card photo, from Spencer and Emma's wedding June 30.

Dave Shove

Dave Shove was a founding member of the Minnesota Green Party, a Mensa member, and a good piano player. Before his retirement, he worked in computers at AIC. I regarded him as a wise elder, and respected his opinions about politics and life. He had a way of starting out talking calmly and dispassionately about a subject, and then suddenly becoming loud and emotional about the corruption of the two party system. This instilled a sense of urgency, a sense of importance, a sense of duty to take a stand for what’s right. He was smart. Before Facebook events, he would send out the Progressive Calendar by email. He would meet people for lunch on a regular basis, to talk politics. I last saw him on election night, we were talking about how to get our news from YouTube. Thank you Dave for all you’ve taught me, RIP.

Jean(ne) Grey, 2003-2019

9/25/2003 - 1/3/2019

After taking the cat to three vets, I agreed it was time to euthanize Jean Grey. She was 15. A probable brain tumor took away her ability to move and eat, and she was probably in pain, even with a painkiller. Originally spelled Jeanne (I changed the spelling after looking up the superhero on the Internet), she grew up with my sister’s family in the St. Cloud area. I agreed to take her for five weeks in the spring of 2015, and by the end of that time, I had bonded with her. She was a wonderful companion, hopping into my lap, resting on Kori’s stomach, playing with a plastic string, and navigating the obstacle course I set up for her. Her sixth life was after I almost gave her fatty liver syndrome adjusting her diet. Her seventh life was after we took her down from the balcony railing. Her eighth life was pill and powder for her kidneys and eyedrops for uveitis. Her ninth life was palliative care after the onset of brain tumor symptoms. In cat years she was about 77. RIP Jean Grey, may your cat spirit find a good place.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Past predictions and commentary

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Dems pulling out all the stops to stop Pelikan?

Could it be reverse psychology to generate a blue Trump-like phenomenon in Pelikan? Maybe, but I don’t think so. The DFL establishment used to abide by the endorsement. Hatch, Dayton, now you have Swanson and Ellison running against endorsed candidates. First you had Jim Niland, who used to work for Dayton, leaving as campaign manager for Rebecca Otto. Then Swanson gives up on trying to get the endorsement for Attorney General. Swanson’s mentor Hatch steps up and down. I think Hatch called Dayton, said he needed to do something, and Dayton came up with something weird-creative. Ellison quits U.S House as Dems try to regain U.S. House. Leaves the national stage. Dayton endorses Ellison for AG early on. What are the Dems afraid of? Jail, perhaps? The attached Q post shows how state attorneys general can play an important role in the prosecution of the cabal.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Christmas Blog Post

Solar Eclipse. Need I say more?

2014 Christmas Blog Post

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bandar is arrested

According to the Middle East Eye. Remember Bandar from Fahrenheit/911. I have heard some wild conspiracy theories this week. That Trump is moving against the Deep State, and he is out of the country for security reasons. That Hillary and McCain are wearing orthopedic boots to cover their ankle bracelets. That Obama was really being arraigned when he showed up for jury duty. I love love love conspiracy theorists but I must be patient to see which theories are backed up by evidence. We do know that Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested. Al-Waleed is Citigroup’s largest individual shareholder, and the Wikileaks Podesta emails showed that Citigroup selected Obama’s cabinet. Al-Waleed also owns the top 5 floors of Mandalay Bay.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Thoughts on death.

Thoughts on death.

Death can strike suddenly, and you don’t have a chance to say goodbye. My father was age 56 when he died, and I am 56 as of this writing. So here are some thoughts.… Not suicidal, but curious about what happens next. Curious about what happens next, but conscious that there might not be such a thing as curiosity. Hopeful, optimistic, faithful that there is a heaven, a purgatory, and a hell, but I don’t pretend to know with certainty. Sensitive to the Christian faith, but also to other faiths. Ready for anything. If I fade to black, I will no longer have the joy of life, but I will no longer have the stresses either. We have no memory from before we were born. What if we are reincarnated into the same life, over and over again? That’s why it’s important to take heaven with you wherever you go, and to feel joy at least once in your life. And all the rest. Love to all, who have passed before me, and who will pass after me. May the light of truth shine brightly throughout eternity.