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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I support background checks

I agree with Obama's statement on background checks. In addition, I would like him take a few minutes to list the names of the Senators who blocked the legislation. I'm grateful that ABC and NBC covered the press conference, and that Obama was angry. 

Thatcher was bad

Now that respects have been paid, it is important that Thatcher, like Reagan, be remembered as a force for bad in this world.

Has the GPMN collapsed?

I posted this on the state facebook page:

"Did the GPMN lose minor party status? Is my $30/mo. now going to a PAC?"

And I posted this on the city facebook page:

"Sorry I've been missing the meetings, but I'm still a sustaining contributor. Just curious, has the party collapsed? Why don't we have a candidate for mayor? The incumbent is stepping down, and Minneapolis has Ranked Choice Voting. Is everyone burnt out like me?"

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Writing Congress made easy

This site makes it easy to contact your government officials at the national level.

Politicians don't have time to read every letter or email, but their staffers tally up the number of people for and against each issue. For every constituent who contacts them, they figure there are many more who feel the same way.

I've heard that if you take the time to write a handwritten, thoughtful letter, that is most effective. But that can be so daunting that most people won't even do it.

Therefore, I recommend jotting down issues and keeping a text document handy to list them. Later, when you feel like it, write your officials, devoting just one line to each issue, saying whether you are for or against it.

As a Green I am cynical about how effective this all is, but it can be cathartic to at least go on the record, and sometimes it really does work!

You shoulda voted Green!

At the national level, Obama has offered to cut Social Security.

At the state level, Dayton and the Democrats control Minnesota government, and yet there is no progress on gun legislation or same-sex marriage, and they want to cut health and human services.

On top of that, electronic pull-tabs are not paying for a Vikings stadium.

We're facing sulfide mining in the Boundary Waters, and we already have a wolf hunt.

You shoulda voted Green!