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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do we have YOUR vote?

Whenever a politician says, “We don’t have the votes,” always ask, “Do we have YOUR vote?”

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fong Lee close-ups

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open letter to the Glidden campaign

I have been volunteering for the Estimé campaign, but am currently working on my own. I’ve been researching the record of Elizabeth Glidden, in the spirit of respectful, issue-based differentiation. The Glidden campaign ought to be able to pop most of these trial balloons no problem. For now I am open to either a public or private dialog. Let’s have some give and take on these before any literature goes to the printers.

Tom Cleland
Golden Valley


Glidden voted to appoint Timothy Dolan.

Glidden supported a loophole that allowed police to fire foam bullets from non-conventional firearms at the RNC. She moved to delete Cam Gordon’s wording that would have prevented police from compiling political dossiers on protesters.

Glidden voted to merge the city and county libraries, circumventing the charter process.

Glidden voted to appoint Joan Campbell to implement the ballpark process, and Joel Rainville to head the MTN cable TV network.

Glidden voted to allow permits to organizations that violate the Animal Welfare Act.

Glidden authored a resolution “Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the City of Minneapolis” – a time when treaties were broken with Native Americans.

Glidden voted to spend $125,000 for the 2007 Holidazzle Parade.

Glidden voted to authorize a car allowance of up to $400 per month for each member of the City Council.

Glidden voted to keep the photocop contract open, but she weakened penalties for motor vehicle idling.

Glidden voted to license Hooter’s, Divas, Gabby’s, and Porky’s, but she wouldn’t keep liquor stores open another 2 hours.

Glidden voted to provide directions for drug testing of city employees.

Glidden voted to demolish Olivet Methodist Church and the East Isles Residents’ building, but she voted to permit building of a home near a wetland. She voted to reduce 35W bridge reconstruction funding by $300,000 when a bicycle tunnel was being considered.

Glidden voted for contracts with Unisys, Comcast, and US Internet Wireless.

Glidden voted against having the City Coordinator work with the NRP Director.

Glidden voted to award seats on the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission to government entities that pay $500,000 per year to the Neighborhood Investment Fund.

For water works and bus shelter designs, Glidden voted to bypass the competitive bidding process.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Stimulus scattered to the wind?

I can't believe they're laying off people from a wind power company. I've also heard that a great deal of the stimulus is being spent on police. Let's hope that the administration's plans are not primarily reactive. We will know the stimulus is working when we start to hear stories of people we know who have been hired.