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Sunday, May 16, 2010

MN budget is Gov. Pawlenty’s problem

The Minnesota budget crisis is Governor Tim Pawlenty’s problem. Since he’s not running for reelection, what’s the recourse? Don’t vote for his fellow Republican Tom Emmer for governor. Don’t vote for any Republican. And definitely don’t support Pawlenty for president.

A plurality of Minnesotans voted for Pawlenty, and now Minnesotans must suffer the consequences.

As state senator John Marty points out, “Remember that the legislature offered him a balanced budget last year, but he decided to veto the tax bill to pay for it, and rather than negotiate with the legislature, he chose to resolve the matter on his own.”

“Are you homosexual?”

I can hear it now. The republican senator asks, “Are you homosexual?” Elena Kagan replies, “Your question is inappropriate.”

Friday, May 07, 2010

UK Election Results so far

Conservative: 291
Labor: 247
Liberal Democrats: 51
Green: 1
Other fourth parties?: 26
Not counted yet: 34
Total: 650