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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Dems pulling out all the stops to stop Pelikan?

Could it be reverse psychology to generate a blue Trump-like phenomenon in Pelikan? Maybe, but I don’t think so. The DFL establishment used to abide by the endorsement. Hatch, Dayton, now you have Swanson and Ellison running against endorsed candidates. First you had Jim Niland, who used to work for Dayton, leaving as campaign manager for Rebecca Otto. Then Swanson gives up on trying to get the endorsement for Attorney General. Swanson’s mentor Hatch steps up and down. I think Hatch called Dayton, said he needed to do something, and Dayton came up with something weird-creative. Ellison quits U.S House as Dems try to regain U.S. House. Leaves the national stage. Dayton endorses Ellison for AG early on. What are the Dems afraid of? Jail, perhaps? The attached Q post shows how state attorneys general can play an important role in the prosecution of the cabal.