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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Mask studies

 March 5 for Facebook…

A large scale, high-quality Danish study with randomized controlled trials showed that masks are not effective. UNSW’s randomized controlled trials support the use of respirators but not medical or cloth masks. NEJM and Mayo studies have focused on droplet size, but these are not studies of people getting the virus. The Lancet report from June 2020 admitted there were no randomized trials at that time. And mask mandates failed to stop the autumn resurgence of the virus in Europe and the US. The nation of Sweden and the state of Georgia, which did not require masks, fared no worse than places with mask mandates. Georgia has deaths of 0.00163, while New Jersey has deaths of 0.00262. Even South Dakota has fewer deaths per capita than five states that require masks. Anthony Fauci told Governor Kristi Noem she would have hospitalizations of 10,000 per day, but the most she had was 600.

March 14 for Facebook…

The pro-mask studies I’ve seen have been unimpressive.

I thought the Kansas county study was the best they had, but it turns out they were just looking at week-to-week growth. Sure the mask counties had some weeks with slower growth, but overall case growth was twice as much as in counties without masks. And of course there could’ve been other factors such as handwashing and social distancing, or the virus simply running its course sooner in different places. You may not agree with the Sentinel of Kansas City Missouri, but even NPR admits they used a seven-day rolling average.

May 15 for Facebook…

There were never any clinical trials, peer reviewed and replicated, to support the use of masks. The Danish study and Stanford study did not support the use of masks. States without mask mandates were doing fine. The writing was on the wall.

There was no serious science to support the use of masks. The Kansas county study looked at week-to-week changes, and was rather deceptive. The Mayo study just looked at droplet size, didn’t really prove that masks work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Election Fraud Possibilities

Let’s connect the dots and try to wrap our heads around how the election could have been stolen.

Peter Navarro outlined the main types of irregularities. Under cover of Covid, enormous quantities of ballot applications and ballots were sent through the mail. Tampering could have occurred before, during, or after the postal process. Dropboxes even easier to stuff. Forward orders expired, or people expired, many could’ve had ballots cast on their behalf. Supposed safeguards include signatures, barcodes, and witnesses. But if the application is fraudulent, the rest is easy. As a mail carrier, I saw a lot of ballot request forms mailed to people who had long since moved. These applications were sent by the Center for Voter Information, and the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. This is all before the paper ballots are even fed into the tabulation machines.

Matt DePerno in Antrim County, Michigan, was able to obtain all the voting equipment needed to conduct a simulated election. After you fill out your paper ballot and feed it into the tabulation machine, the counter is incremented by one to assure you that your vote was counted. After polls close, the tabulation machine prints a paper ticket, similar to a cash register receipt, which shows the vote totals. This is compared to the logbook at the precinct, and along with a flash drive, goes to the county and state to be summed with all the others. The individual ballots are not inspected unless it is a close election, a candidate pays an expensive price for it, or it is one of a few precincts that are included in a post-election review (see below). DePerno‘s technical team was able to change the vote totals on the paper ticket, without regard to the ballots inside the machine. Using the Structured Query Language in the machine, they could change candidates’ vote totals to whatever they wanted, and precinct workers would not be able to tell, because all they see is the paper ticket. And apparently these tabulation machines are indeed connected to the Internet, perhaps through AT&T 4044O cell phone technology.

Mary Fanning informed us that there was a lot of Internet traffic on election night, which they traced to specific computers using their unique Internet Protocol addresses. The precise geographic latitude and longitude for these computers showed that they were in  ballot counting locations, communicating with computers in foreign locations, mostly China. There were hundreds if not thousands of these computers. Mike Lindell hired investigators to look at 18 of the lines on the list, and says they check out. Of course, it is difficult to get information from China without the help of people who live there. So, perhaps the tabulation machines were connected to the Internet, providing the actual totals to computers scattered throughout the world, perhaps to distribute the processing load, perhaps to avoid suspicion, and receiving fake totals from throughout the world, precisely tuned to avoid suspicion, to print on the paper ticket.

Doug Frank explains how and why the fake totals might have been precisely tuned to avoid suspicion. If you can change candidates’ vote totals to whatever you want, there is still the risk of adding too many, and if it exceeds the population, that raises suspicion. Frank was approached by a candidate who couldn’t believe she lost, because she was in a small district and knew a lot of the people there. Frank compared population data to voter registration and voter roll data for all age groups, and noticed a pattern based on the 2010 census. He saw two bumps in the population curve, for baby boomers and millennials, and concluded that a six degree polynomial was used to keep the totals realistic within each age group. After entering the data for a few counties, he could predict the voter totals for the remaining counties of a state. A team of canvassers went door-to-door, not to ask people how they voted, but to ask them whether they voted, or if they were even there. He predicted about 30% of the voters would not be real, and he was correct. And in a few places, votes did indeed exceed population, because 2010 was the most recent census the bad guys had to go off of. So, overseas computers could have manipulated the totals within the tabulation machines, and also perhaps the voter rolls, for mail-in voters if not in-person voters, as long as it did not exceed population or registration. But then there is still the question of those ballots that were counted by hand.

Tyler Kistner and others with the Minnesota Election Integrity Team filed a lawsuit in the Minnesota Supreme Court alleging irregularities with the Minnesota Post-Election Review, where they hand count a few precincts from each county. Officials allegedly failed to allow party balance, failed to allow observers within 6 feet, failed to count absentee and mail ballots separately from polling place ballots, failed to explain things properly, failed to fill out forms correctly, and other irregularities.

In summary, I’m still trying to see how all these pieces fit together. Is it the paper ballots, the machines, or both? It seems like it would be an enormous challenge to keep the two in sync. If you could doctor enough paper ballots beforehand, then you wouldn’t need an electronic cheat. Maybe an electronic cheat is needed to keep the numbers realistic, not too high, not too low. But then you’ve got to scramble to get the paper ballots to match. If I were designing a fraudulent tabulation machine, and no one could see inside, I would add a secret compartment pre-loaded with fake ballots to start the day. Periodically replace one ballot with another. The election officials conducting the post-election review would only have access to the compartment with the altered stack. But if I ran out of fake ballots, I would need to stop the counting process and scramble to get more paper ballots to match that electronic total. Lots of work, hard to imagine. But lots of irregularities. No matter who you believe, it’s hard to believe. I sure hope a satisfactory explanation for all of this emerges. 

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Questions that I can’t get answered right now…

X 22 talks about the bad guys needing to make up for lost time during the Trump years. Why can’t they just push their plan back 4 years?

The Foxhole app causes my iPhone 11 to heat up. Is this something in the app software, or something that Apple is doing to discourage use of the app?

The last I heard 1700 people have died after getting the vaccine, experimental gene therapy. Has Trump been asked about this? Why not? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Jim Harper, 1930-2020


May 13, 1930 to October 20, 2020.

We didn’t see Jim too often because he lived in Alaska and then Washington State, but when we did, it was always good conversation.

When my father died in 1982, Uncle Jim took us out for dinner, and I remember that outing helped me begin to heal. 

Shortly after that, Uncle Jim suggested I go into computers, that they were the next big thing, and he was right. I took his advice and still use those skills today.

We visited Uncle Jim and Aunt Bev in 2000, and they were very helpful with the logistics for our side trips to Hurricane Ridge, Victoria B.C., Mount Rainier, and Seattle. It was good to see cousins Doug and Robert.

Jim rounded out the genealogy for my Mom’s side of the family, with documents written by him and others.

In his later years, he sent out emails with a lot of jokes. 

In 2011 Jim helped me make arrangements to visit cousin Brian in Alaska.

Jim had a warm personality and a good sense of humor. He will be missed.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Will Joe Biden be the nominee?

Not Hillary Clinton? Not Michelle Obama? You don’t think Biden will suddenly get Covid? Now, if it starts to look like Biden is losing on purpose, that would fit the Green Party paradigm, that the powers that be pull the strings of both parties. Another scenario is that Biden needs to lose on purpose as part of a plea deal. I am not fond of that scenario, I would like to believe that people have a choice, but it might be the only way forward to a functioning democracy. I am open to the idea that both parties want to be moving targets right now. I think the Republicans are keeping their powder dry, waiting for the Democrats to lock in their choice for who will appear on the printed ballots. I think the Democrats know this, so they have used Covid as an excuse to push their convention back as far as allowable, immediately preceding the Republican convention. This gives them the option to switch candidates at the last moment, giving the Trump team less time to prepare opposition research. But I think the Trump team will be ready, no matter who the Democrats nominate. I think the Republicans want to be a moving target in terms of the location of their convention. Wait for the Democrats to hold their convention by teleconference, then maybe hold the Republican convention in person. Remember the Jacksonville location was canceled due to a surge in Covid cases, maybe they would just gather where there is not a surge. Announcing the location ahead of time might give the Democrats time to find more Covid cases, or attribute more deaths to Covid at that location. Republicans also might want the location to be a moving target for security reasons. Of course, the announced plan is to have the acceptance speech either at the White House or Gettysburg. Gettysburg, the Civil War battlefield, would be symbolic, because I believe we are currently in a Civil War, not North versus South, and hopefully not widespread armed combat, but a Civil War between the patriots and the cabal.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Fake News

Northam oppo research fail, rigged outcome? Parallel construction?

Rigged by Republicans and Democrats working together to get a certain puppet into office. Follow Northam to McAuliffe to Hillary and to McCabe. Follow the Clintons to the Bushes, Mena Arkansas and all the rest. One big happy crime family, Republicans and Democrats. Forget about Planned Parenthood for a moment, and imagine that abortion is just a wedge issue. Now, imagine that the NSA, through surveillance of all of our computers and cell phones, knew all of this. But they couldn’t just release the information because it was obtained while investigating other things. But then they see that all they need to do is send a reporter to the library to check out the yearbook. That’s an easy parallel construction, nobody can ever prove otherwise, and if that’s what happened, I think it’s awesome!

So far in 2019, we have the main stream media getting it wrong on whether Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, and wrong about what happened with the Catholic high school boys, the Native Americans, and the Black Hebrew Israelites. We have Republican opposition research and the main stream media totally dropping the ball on the Northam blackface and KKK picture. Could this be the beginning of the Great Awakening? At the State of the Union address Tuesday, will Trump use these examples to bolster his claims of fake news? Will he talk about the recent fentanyl border bust? Fentanyl, The drug that killed Prince and so many other Americans? Will he confront Nancy Pelosi, who will be seated behind him at the State of the Union address?

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Christmas 2018

Our 2018 Christmas card photo, from Spencer and Emma's wedding June 30.

Dave Shove

Dave Shove was a founding member of the Minnesota Green Party, a Mensa member, and a good piano player. Before his retirement, he worked in computers at AIC. I regarded him as a wise elder, and respected his opinions about politics and life. He had a way of starting out talking calmly and dispassionately about a subject, and then suddenly becoming loud and emotional about the corruption of the two party system. This instilled a sense of urgency, a sense of importance, a sense of duty to take a stand for what’s right. He was smart. Before Facebook events, he would send out the Progressive Calendar by email. He would meet people for lunch on a regular basis, to talk politics. I last saw him on election night, we were talking about how to get our news from YouTube. Thank you Dave for all you’ve taught me, RIP.

Jean(ne) Grey, 2003-2019

9/25/2003 - 1/3/2019

After taking the cat to three vets, I agreed it was time to euthanize Jean Grey. She was 15. A probable brain tumor took away her ability to move and eat, and she was probably in pain, even with a painkiller. Originally spelled Jeanne (I changed the spelling after looking up the superhero on the Internet), she grew up with my sister’s family in the St. Cloud area. I agreed to take her for five weeks in the spring of 2015, and by the end of that time, I had bonded with her. She was a wonderful companion, hopping into my lap, resting on Kori’s stomach, playing with a plastic string, and navigating the obstacle course I set up for her. Her sixth life was after I almost gave her fatty liver syndrome adjusting her diet. Her seventh life was after we took her down from the balcony railing. Her eighth life was pill and powder for her kidneys and eyedrops for uveitis. Her ninth life was palliative care after the onset of brain tumor symptoms. In cat years she was about 77. RIP Jean Grey, may your cat spirit find a good place.