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Friday, October 20, 2006

Jay Pond on MPR

I enjoyed the GP's Jay Pond in the MPR 5th CD debate today, especially when he took Keith Ellison to task on the draft. Tammy Lee verified what Ellison had said in a forum on Monday.

Jay said, "Vote for me...I won't change my position between Monday and Friday." Apparently Ellison was concerned about the fairness of the current system, recruiting the disadvantaged, and wanted to consider other options. Jay pointed out that drafting the advantaged is not the answer, it's better to get out of Iraq.

Not sure about Tammy Lee's position on the draft. Just noticed she has a photo with her and Martin Sabo on her web site. To me it makes it look like an endorsement.


So much for Sabo being a team player...

Please call Susan Hoyt at 651-645-3849 to ask that Jay be included in the televised WCCO debate.

And tell people that the Greens were right about the war!


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