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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Zimmermann follow-up

I was able to follow up on a few details that were bothering me. Of the $7200 the developer gave to Dean, $1200 was seized in the raid. The other $6000 went into the Redistricting Lawsuit Fund account months ago. Tom Taylor, joint holder of the account, verified that for me. The jury may have felt the money was too late getting into the lawsuit fund. As I understand it, Dean tried to write a check to FREE early on, but the jury may not have been convinced the check was authentic or timely.

In the end, it looks like the developer didn't get any special treatment, and the money did not go to benefit Dean or his campaign, so then I guess it really was "nothing for nothing." I am still disappointed with Dean’s conduct, however, accepting large sums of money from a developer with business before the city. It is not what I would expect of a Green Party office holder. I told Michael Cavlan that we have to be guided by truth first, and loyalty second. Michael reassured me that he will not act in a fashion similar to Zimmermann's. I still have confidence in our other candidates. You can tell by our stands on the issues that we are not likely to be compromised.

See also Zimmermann convicted.


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