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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ed Schultz cut me off

Today I called in to the Ed Schultz Show, a national liberal talk radio program. He was talking about Klobuchar and Kennedy and how they didn't mention their party affiliation in their most recent ads. He also mentioned the illegal wiretapping. I called in, intending to talk about how Klobuchar did not support Feingold's censure measure, but as soon as I mentioned Michael Cavlan and the Green Party, Schultz cut me off. Then he said he was tired of people "pimping" their candidates instead of talking about the issues, which I never had a chance to do.

I immediately removed the AM950 bumper sticker from my car.

It should be noted that Ed Schultz is with the Jones Radio Network and not Air America, which produces most of AM950's national shows, but I'd say most of them are "pimping" for the Dems. Thom Hartman I think is an independent.


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