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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The environment means Ken Pentel

We need Ken Pentel as Governor of Minnesota. Our environmental problems have not gone away. Pentel has the most detailed plan for cutting energy infrastructure costs. No other candidate comes close. We can cut 60-70% in waste with better lighting, windows, motors, refrigerators, etc., and by requiring power plants to trap waste heat. We're currently caught in a wasteful planning trap that encourages us to consume appliances and then throw them out instead of getting them repaired. We are literally killing our planet, and we need someone with Pentel’s expertise to restore our communities and our ecology. The Green Party is many things, but our name is Green and Green means the environment. And the environment means Ken Pentel.


At Tue Oct 03, 08:11:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ted Wong said...

" We're currently caught in a wasteful planning trap that encourages us to consume appliances and then throw them out instead of getting them repaired. "

You can thank capitalism and good ol' American business on that one. It's cheaper to throw it out and get a new one than fix it. And American manufacturers have determined what average joe consumers are willing to spend on the typical dishwasher and adjust the quality level to reflect that price and still be able to make a profit. As an example my dishwasher cost $450.00 4 years ago. It required repair within two months at a cost of almost $100.00. Two months after that another $50.00 in repairs. Then another $40.00 a year after that Now it's leaking now and headed for the landfill soon.

At Sat Oct 07, 06:52:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

I've been having problems lately with belts and watchbands...

At Wed Oct 11, 10:17:00 PM CDT, Blogger Paul Bramscher said...

I frequently comb the thrift shops looking for deals, hitting the Good Will outlet on University Ave. and Highway 280 about once a week. It's mainly clothing and shoes, but it's incredible how many like-new things are tossed out. I've found even the bourgois brands there.

The "store" itself is exceedingly dismal (concrete floors and walls, things are rolled out in bins on conveyor belts). The customers are mostly persons of color and recent immigrants. Lately, though, I've seen elderly caucasians also combing for deals. There's a whole under-reported aspect to the economy of waste & reuse. How is it that the value of something transforms from $150 on a carefully arranged store shelf, endures little or no usage, then it's only one step from the garbage dumpster? The value of things, from this angle also, is often unrelated to their physical makeup. There's a socially "rigged" value hooked in to the ephemera of presentation and context.

In addition to Ken's message, there's Dave Berger (running for auditor). The concept of a Green Audit, a sort of TCO (total cost of ownership) on the social and ecological footprints is long overdue.

At Fri Oct 20, 07:01:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Yes, and unlike Rebecca Otto, Dave Berger would not have voted for the Michelle Bachmann amendment to ban same sex marriage. DFLer Otto also has a 55% approval rating from the conservative Taxpayer's League.


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