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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Michael Cavlan March 7

Minnesotans remember to attend your Green Party caucus this Tuesday March 7 and support Michael Cavlan for U.S. Senate. Below is a letter I wrote to Pulse of the Twin Cities regarding their lack of press coverage:

Just a heads up, Michael Cavlan has had a lit piece out for some time now, listing his key issues of foreign policy, corporate accountability, voter integrity, and health care. He has a one-hour video, and I’ve seen him at numerous public events, including the Green Party Winter Conference, the "Blue State Ball," March Forth, and a number of local forums, including one on Personal Rapid Transit.

As much as I’d like to see more women in office, I have to rule out Amy Klobuchar because she is not a peace candidate. It’s great to hear Ford Bell adopting a lot of Cavlan’s ideas with a heavy advertising presence on Air America Radio. Maybe next he can come out with a strong radio ad condemning the voter fraud in Ohio. Cavlan was an election recount observer there.

I’m afraid that Bell will be just another decoy candidate, luring progressives into the Democratic Party where they are ultimately blown out of the water. Bell can begin to gain credibility by promising, if he cannot get the DFL nomination, to support Cavlan. Then perhaps the onus would be on Cavlan to respond in kind as part of an unlikely but sensible scenario. Unless that happens, however, I’m sticking with Cavlan.

Tom Cleland
Golden Valley


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