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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hands off Iran

Attacking Iran would not only be immoral, it would be stupid. It's even bigger than Iraq, which we can't stabilize. Beating down Iran would be more dangerous than dealing with them maturely. We have to accept that countries will get nukes, but they won't use them because they know that we have them too.


At Tue Mar 07, 03:07:00 PM CST, Blogger Ted Wong said...

It's ironic that all member nations of the U.N. security Council have nukes . Yet they are trying to squelch Iran from having them. There is a real arrogance when our government accuses a country of being a threat to world peace when we set an example with the invasion of Iraq.

At Wed Mar 08, 08:26:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Yes, and the whole debate about preemptive war was frustrating. Bush doesn't care about our international credibility or even the concept of a "just war." "God hateth the agressor," and that's what Bush is.


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