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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Glad Hillary lost

I'm glad Hillary lost, but I'm not glad that Trump won. I'm scared, just like you. I hope that Trump will be better than GW Bush, and in some ways better than Hillary, but I honestly don't know. I voted for Jill Stein. Jill Stein did not affect the outcome. Minnesota did not affect the outcome. All votes in Minnesota were wasted. Votes that could've been spent getting us to 5%, getting us major party status, and raising awareness about our issues, which center around getting money out of politics. I hope the Democrats have learned their lesson, do not nominate a corrupt candidate, ever again.


At Sun Nov 13, 09:12:00 AM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

At our election night party, somebody was saying that they want to wait until after the inauguration to charge Hillary, so that Obama can't pardon her. Some of the WikiLeaks have hinted at satanic dinners, pedophilia, and ties to the Rothschilds. One conspiracy theory is that the Rothschilds like to play both sides of wars and elections. Some believe the world economy is controlled by occult secret societies. Another article contained claims that the NYPD found some awful things on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Will Trump keep his campaign promise to appoint a special prosecutor for Hillary? If he doesn't, this might be because the Rothschilds own both Trump and Clinton. And if Trump does follow through, will the investigation be truly independent? His judicial appointees are supposed to operate independently of him, because the president is not above the law, either. There needs to be someone to investigate him if he breaks the law. Who Trump appoints as Attorney General may provide clues whether our rights will be respected, and whether the rule of law will be followed. So, I have two fears. One is that Trump does not go after Hillary, the other is that he goes after Hillary unfairly.


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