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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump can't win, Stein can

Trump can't win, because he can't build a winning coalition. If there are any Republicans out there, this may be hard to accept, but your chances are better with Jill Stein, because she hasn't pissed off Mexicans, Muslims, women, etc. You may not agree with Jill Stein, but she has one great thing going for her: She is not Hillary Clinton. Republicans, you are wrong about many things, but you are right about the Clinton Foundation. Hillary cares more about Swiss banks than she does the American people. And Gary Johnson can't win, because he can't build a winning coalition, either. Libertarians would do away with Social Security and Medicare, and even you Republicans like those programs. So you see, Jill Stein is your best chance. You get her up to 15%, you see her on that debate stage, and you won't be disappointed. She will go after Hillary like Trump can't, like Johnson can't, like Sanders couldn't. Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, join with us, and together we will beat Hillary Clinton!


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