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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Throw in the Towel? Or Fight Back?

Here’s a safe bet: the two major political parties will nominate Presidential candidates from the corporate wings of their parties.

What will that leave us in this election year?

Corporate control as usual.

If this happens, we have two choices – throw in the towel.

Or fight back.

If we choose to fight back, here’s a good option:

To help him organize a political campaign in every state against corporate control over our lives.

Luckily, that person – Ralph Nader – is considering such a campaign.

But he will need active and informed citizens in every Congressional district in the country.

He will need volunteers.

He will need funds.

He will need dedication.

That’s why we’ve signed on at Nader’s exploratory web site: http://www.naderexplore08.org/

Check it out.

In 2008, it’s either sit back and watch the drift.

Hope you will join us.

Thank you.

The Nader Team

P.S. Hear Ralph On Democracy Now Thursday Morning at 8am: Click on www.democracynow.org to check for local listings or to listen live online.


At Wed Jan 30, 05:32:00 PM CST, Blogger howws said...

Will Nader finally talk about Instant Runoff Voting this time around or just yet again crash the broken election system rather than fix it?

It's deja vu, like I wrote about in Instant Runoff Voting Excluded: An Unreasonable Omission from An Unreasonable Man.

At Wed Jan 30, 05:47:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Maybe he could talk more about it, but he does like it:


There's so much to say and precious little exposure in the corporate media.

At Wed Jan 30, 11:45:00 PM CST, Blogger howws said...

I'm well aware he lists it on his website. But that only makes it more conspicuous that he almost NEVER mentions it, even when asked directly about "spoiling". And he dismissed the idea when I talked to him about it in 2004. So he may support it in theory, but where is his advocacy for it? Nowhere to be found. And as long as that's the case, the same will be true of my support for his presidential campaigns.


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