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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why the Green Party of MN?

Dear Green Party of MN Members, Supporters and resolution makers,~~~We are heading into a new year, an election year, and the Green Party of Minnesota is needed now more than ever.~~~Ecosystems continue to die, species go extinct, and communities are ripped apart, and for what? For quarterly balance sheets, yearly returns, and two year election cycles. Rather than tolerating a planet-killing, war-making, corporatist political system, we need a POLITICAL party to transform the political system; into a system that represents humans and non-humans as well as the true will of the people.~~~Of the the available political parties in Minnesota, the Green Party has the best ideas of how to sustain us on this humble, respectful and beautiful planet. The cream (Vegans add in your favorite nondairy) is supposed to rise to the top, right? ~~~If we work hard to organize and offer voters passionate candidates , the Green Party of Minnesota could become the number one party in the state. (Anything less and we continue to allow the most dangerous people to create the facade of a government "by and for the people" while they accelerate extinction through deception, diversion and denial. )~~~Why does running Greens make a difference? Getting two, five, or, of course, fifty percent of the vote gives us the power to swing elections, force the dominant parties to deal with us, and move the political center. At the same time, we will embolden like-minded people in other parties to go to their leadership and demand that their issues are brought to the floor and passed.~~~The Earth is worthy of an "Earth-aware" party that is the BEST organized party in the world. Let's not let the Green Party become another footnote in history and lost opportunity!~~~I, Ken Pentel Resolve: To become a better organizer and more fierce toward the goal of creating a powerful alternative party that reflects the Ten Key Values (see http://www.mngreens.org/about/tenkey)~~~Are you with me? If so, step up to become a Member, candidate, or volunteer so we can spin some organizing magic.~~~Party needs:~~~1. Become a Member of the Green Party of Minnesota. As a Member you vote on: Constitution, Bylaws and Platform changes. Elect State Coordinating Committee Members . Endorse candidates for office. Help maintain and build the Party. (To become a Member you can fill-out the insert, call the GPMN office (651) 288-2820, or go online to: http://www.mngreens.org/getInvolved )~~~2. Help organize a Caucus* in your Senate District** by contacting the Green Party of MN office at: (651) 288-2820, info@mngreens.org, www.mngreens.org ~~~*GPMN Caucuses are March 4th. **Notify the office by January 30th if you can convene a Caucus. ~~~3. Become a phone-tree caller. You will make ten calls each month and be part of a decentralized organizing effort. Contact me at: kenpentel@yahoo.com, (612) 387-0601~~~4. DONATIONS The Green Party of Minnesota needs your financial help to keep going. We rely on donations from individuals. We take NO money from corporations or Political Action Committees (PACs) and we take no more than $1200 per year from any one individual. ~~~The most effective way to contribute is through the Sustainer monthly withdrawal program, because it allows us to plan a sustainable budget. Also, your first $50 is refundable in 2008 through the state Political Contribution Refund program. (http://www.mngreens.org/donate)~~~ Mobilizing, Ken (612) 387-0601~~~"If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up in mine, we can work together." - Lilla Watson


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