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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Kent Mesplay for President


Sustainability is Security, through local economies, renewable energy, L.E.E.D. architecture, preparing for Global Warming.

Reform Politics through Instant Runoff Voting (I.R.V.), require real debates between all political parties, ban lobbying and its corrupting influence. I.R.V. would have been helpful in determining who actually won in Florida in 2000 since it is a way to determine who has broad and deep support. With I.R.V. people vote their preference and rank their choices. With Nader's first-place votes dropped, the second-place votes would have made a difference. This is a fair way to run elections, as it allows people to vote for candidates they really support. Also, it encourages positive campaigning. This process saves money when one candidate does not receive over 50% of the vote, since an expensive extra runoff election is not necessary, as it is built in to the process. I.R.V. is a solution supported by alternative parties. Also, we work for more proportional representation.

Peace, not just by ending the war in Iraq but by encouraging and promoting sustainable living through green economies elsewhere. The Green policy regarding Iraq is immediate, unconditional withdrawal.

Treaty/Sovereignty Rights and political representation for tribal peoples, especially elders and traditionalists (Mesplay’s background is Blackfoot).


This is a serious campaign and a protest campaign. Please don't throw away your vote by not voting!

Register Green, Vote Mesplay


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