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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Floor plan 16.5 MB
Front elevation 16.5 MB

The above links are blueprints for an earth home. I understand that these are extremely tough times for construction companies, but I just didn't feel ready. It's a major financial commitment, and it locks you into one place. A foreclosed home would cost less, but I expect natural gas prices to rise in perpetuity.

This is my dream home. In an emergency it would not require heating or cooling. Food could be grown inside as well as outside, with a solar greenhouse based on the square-foot gardening method. The root cellars behind the garage could be kept at optimal temperatures by adjusting vents that lead both inside and outside. The computer would sit on the desk to the right of the couch, and the screen display could be routed to the entertainment center on the left wall. The furniture would be on wheels so I could push it off to the side and practice dance.

Also shown are JPG files, but the PDF file links above let you zoom for much better resolution.


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