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Friday, March 12, 2010

Five votes against Dolan

Dolan was reappointed 8-5 today. Voting against were Gordon, Lilligren, Glidden, Tuthill, and Hodges. We campaigned against Glidden and Lilligren last year, but if they can take an issue away, that’s always preferred. The five votes is four more than last time, and if things don’t improve, maybe we’ll have four more votes next time, in 2013, which is also a council election year.


At Fri Mar 12, 05:50:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

[From Dave Bicking]

Hi all,

Police Chief Dolan has just been reappointed. The biggest surprise is that there were five votes against:

Cam Gordon, Ward 2
Robert Lilligren, Ward 6
Elizabeth Glidden, Ward 8
Meg Tuthill, Ward 10
Betsy Hodges, Ward 13

All Council members spoke about the issue, except Lisa Goodman - though she mentioned her support for Dolan during earlier comments about reappointment of the Health Department head. I'll write up some of the comments later.

Major concerns of those who voted against were budgetary and discipline and work with the Civilian Review Authority. Many who spoke on either side talked about the need to improve cooperation with the community and the CRA. We should follow up to insist that that happens.

Now is a good time to thank all those who voted against, particularly if one of them is your own representative. Though we didn't defeat Dolan, such significant opposition means that Dolan is "on notice" on some of these issues. That has an effect, and I think we can say that those who worked to oppose Dolan HAVE had an effect. The vote for his original appointment was 12 - 1. And so far, every other department head recommended for reappointment have been approved unanimously (even though I think there are others who did not deserve it, and I hope some day New Broom is large enough and strong enough to challenge others as well as the Police Chief).

More later,

Dave Bicking


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