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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama budget meat axe

It looks like Obama is already running scared as a result of last week’s Supreme Court ruling giving the rich unlimited propaganda powers. This is a total 180 from the campaign, when Obama said McCain’s plan was a “hatchet” when we needed a “scalpel.”

Obama supporters’ only hope now is the Senate “nuclear option” and a sweeping overhaul that would somehow show results by November. But that ain’t going to happen. Prepare to be brainwashed by political advertising, even more than you are now.

The rich conservatives now control the corporations, most media, and they have the power to rig elections if they want to. One way to fight back is to demonstrate viability by signing David Shove’s petition, or to join one of these Facebook groups:

I Pledge to Vote Against Obama in 2012

I'll vote for Cynthia McKinney if everybody else does!


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