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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dolan’s brother charged with drug dealing

While you can’t be held responsible for what your family members do, you can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on...


Since last summer, we’ve had Dolan giving the Medal of Valor to Jason Andersen, Andersen getting arrested for domestic assault, and now Dolan’s brother getting arrested for dealing drugs out of his postal truck!

These stories may all be intriguing, but we should probably concentrate on what council members KNEW when they appointed Dolan. Council members knew or should have known that:

1) Dolan was commander of the Fourth Precinct cops who shot 11-year-old Julius Powell, leading to a major uprising on the Northside, and federal mediation. (8/2002)

2) Dolan, as Assistant Police Chief, was believed complicit in awarding a Medal of Valor to Officer Dan May, the cop who shot Tycel Nelson six times in the back in 1990. Police Community Relations Council member Ron Edwards also contended that Dolan posed for photographs with May at the Fifth Precinct. Dolan denied condoning the medal, but MPD awards committee coordinator Lieutenant Richard Thomas did not recall Dolan raising any concerns with him about it. (1/12/2006)

3) Dolan, as Interim Police Chief, allowed Officer Jason Andersen to come back to work three days after he shot Fong Lee, before an investigation could be completed, and before the community’s concerns had been assuaged. (7/25/2006)

4) Dolan was Interim Police Chief when Officers Lawrence Loonsfoot and Jason King, responding to a 911 call for help from the family Dominic Felder, shot him seven times when they caught up to him. Felder had suffered from mental illness. (9/21/2006)

5) Dolan, as Interim Police Chief, lifted the suspension of Michael Campion, the city’s police psychologist, the rationale being that “Dolan was unable to find evidence that Campion, whatever his personal views, had treated prospective gay officers unfairly.” Campion had published an article about curing homosexuality through Christian love. (10/4/2006)

6) Dolan, in testimony before the City Council, made it clear he would not hold himself accountable to the Civilian Review Authority, which investigates claims of police misconduct. Dolan asserted: “I’m going to have discretion I'll use on discipline--I want that.” Dolan added that the mayor, city council, and CRA would not dictate his decisions. (10/11/2006)


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