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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Concerns about Elizabeth Glidden

This includes dates of the votes.
Source: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/council/archives.asp

Glidden voted to appoint Timothy Dolan. (10/20/06)

Glidden supported a loophole that allowed police to fire foam bullets from non-conventional firearms at the RNC. She moved to delete Cam Gordon’s wording that would have prevented police from compiling political dossiers on protesters. (7/25/08)

Glidden voted to merge the city and county libraries, circumventing the charter process. (3/09/07)

Glidden voted to appoint Joan Campbell to implement the ballpark process, and Joel Rainville to head the MTN cable TV network. (6/16/06, 2/23/07)

Glidden voted to allow permits to organizations that violate the Animal Welfare Act. (9/21/07)

Glidden authored a resolution “Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the City of Minneapolis” – a time when treaties were broken with Native Americans. (7/18/08)

Glidden voted to spend $125,000 for the 2007 Holidazzle Parade. (12/7/07)

Glidden voted for a resolution that allowed council members to continue collecting a car allowance of up to $400 per month. (2/29/08)

Glidden voted to keep the photocop contract open, but she weakened penalties for motor vehicle idling. (5/12/06, 6/6/08)

Glidden voted to license Hooter’s, Divas, Gabby’s, and Porky’s, but she wouldn’t keep liquor stores open another 2 hours. (6/16/06, 8/4/06, 2/15/08, 12/1/06, 6/30/06)

Glidden voted to provide directions for drug testing of city employees. (8/22/08)

Glidden voted to demolish Olivet Methodist Church and the East Isles Residents’ building, but she voted to permit building of a home near a wetland. She voted to reduce 35W bridge reconstruction funding by $300,000 when a bicycle tunnel was being considered. (10/5/07, 1/23/09, 6/16/06, 2/15/08)

Glidden voted for contracts with Unisys, Comcast, and US Internet Wireless. (4/14/06, 7/20/06, 9/1/06)

Glidden voted against having the City Coordinator work with the NRP Director. (3/09/07)

Glidden voted to award seats on the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission to government entities that pay $500,000 per year to the Neighborhood Investment Fund. (1/23/09)

For water works and bus shelter designs, Glidden voted to bypass the competitive bidding process. (3/27/09)


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