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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wealth for Health

Post-party greetings. I'm remiss in not checking on your blog - hope it's still up. Heard you on the radio yesterday!

Could you post something for me/us? I'm concerned with 80-some thousand people being cut from healthcare in MN under Pawlenty's cuts, combined with quite a few people having amassed quite a bit of wealth since the Bush tax cuts. So I remember our 5cd steering committee in Spring '08 or '07 talking about - at my suggestion - the phrase "Wealth for Health," meaning a small surtax on the most wealthy could be instituted to carry those most vulnerable until the situation improves. That appeared in our minutes.

I've made a "nametag" with the phrase, to start wearing through the legislative session. Others might pick up on it, but I want the Green Party to get the credit. Thus this request. Thanks if possible. dsh


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