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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Censoring the solution

This morning Bill Press was talking about Timothy Geithner, so I called in to the show, talked to the screener, and said I wanted to talk about Ellen Brown and The Web of Debt. There was a pause so I added that Thom Hartmann has had Brown on as a guest. The screener said they’d been getting a lot of calls about the book and that he would pass the information along. But he didn’t let me on the show! They’ve let me on before, to talk about things like whether to allow a roll call vote for Hillary at the Democratic Convention. There were plenty of callers after me so it’s not like they were up against a commercial break.

Earlier this week, a caller to Ed Schultz raised some of the same important points as Brown does, like how the national debt has not been paid off since Jackson, and how our government simply needs to reclaim its duty of money creation. Schultz said the ideas were too drastic and would cause tremendous unemployment. The next caller backed up the first caller. I think the only unemployment would be to the Private Banking Cartel. A few weeks ago I tried calling in to “Big Eddie” but I was on my lunch break and not comfortable remaining on hold. Schultz does not screen calls like Press does, but I would like to think he was stalling by talking at length with the previous caller! I did see him in person at the Blue State Ball, and I mentioned Brown and The Web of Debt along with Geithner. Schultz is at least critical of Geithner, and that much is good. For a while I thought Schultz could at least claim stupidity, but not after this week’s calls.

I now believe that both Press and Schultz understand the concepts of Ellen Brown and The Web of Debt, but that for some reason they don't want to talk about them. This amounts to the same type of media blackout or conspiracy of silence that Press and Schultz criticize the big networks for. Currently that’s leaving me with three main possible explanations: 1) They honestly think Brown’s ideas are crazy, 2) someone is instructing them to play it down, or 3) Brown is already advising the Obama administration and they want to keep it a surprise. My gut feeling is that #2 is the most likely. Maybe it’s their advertisers. Maybe it’s the price they pay to get their TV gigs and access to press conferences. I want to ask Ed Schultz why he’s a tool for the Private Banking Cartel.

The concept of money creation is super-important. If we don’t raise it now, in the midst of this credit crisis, they could keep us in the dark for millennia. We need to keep hammering away on this simple point: Let’s quit charging interest on newly-created public money.


At Thu Feb 12, 05:58:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Today Obama said that Lincoln made his story possible. Heck, NADER made Obama's story possible. If Gore had won, then Jeb would probably be president today...

At Mon Feb 16, 12:42:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

I didn’t have to work today because of the President’s Day holiday, so I was able to call in to Ed Schultz and get in my points about Ellen Brown. I even had a chance to mention Cynthia McKinney! I suggested a town hall meeting with Brown and Senator Lindsey Graham, who is now talking about nationalizing the banks.

I feel like that’s the most I can do for now. Hopefully listeners will look into it and more callers will help build public support for the Brown blueprint (brownprint?) outlined in the final chapter of “The Web of Debt.”


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