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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bob Barr is a Weasel

Why won’t Bob Barr debate Cynthia McKinney? Is it because she’s black? Does he have a patriarchal approval addiction? On Bill Press this morning he was crying and whaling because Ron Paul didn’t endorse him. Actually Ron Paul did. Barr just didn’t want to share the endorsement with McKinney, Nader, and Baldwin. So, like a spoiled baby, he didn’t show up for the joint press conference. And now he’s saying he won’t debate unless he can be alone with Nader. Is Barr afraid that people will see that Libertarianism equals deregulation equals chaos? I don’t think he’s unifying with us against the corporate parties and the Robber Baron bankers that got this nation ten trillion dollars in debt. Maybe Bob Barr is still too Republican. What a weasel.


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