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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate observations

In relation to McCain I was rooting for Obama, but in relation to Greens a few things jumped out at me:

1. Obama said he wanted to "crush" the enemy.

2. Agreeing with McCain on nuclear power.

3. A lot of emphasis on fighting in Afghanistan.

4. Both candidates were eager to distance themselves from cutting Iraq funding.

When McCain talked about a spending freeze, I wanted to ask him if he would freeze funding for renewable energy, health care, the credit crisis, etc.

McCain kept mentioning Reagan and I would have wanted to blast Reagan on solar panels, homelessness, deregulation. Sticking to foreign policy, perhaps talk about South Africa.


At Sat Sep 27, 06:58:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

When McCain brought up the escalation, or "surge" as they call it, Obama countered with McCain's early miscalculations about Iraq, being greeted as liberators, etc. He could have also mentioned how we've been successfully paying off the enemy to not fight us, and how there's a conflict of interest what with the oil and all.


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