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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My trip to Chicago

I just got back from Chicago Monday, and spent most of the day after work Tuesday sleeping. I was there for our national convention, and for visiting relatives and sightseeing.

The main news is that we nominated Cynthia McKinney, and her running mate is Rosa Clemente. Here are some links, though they may not stay current…


I had a great time staying with Cousin Scott in Libertyville, and Cousin Carolyn, who lives in a Chicago duplex with my other cousin David and his family. On Friday they had a block party and I got to meet some of their neighbors. After the convention my Aunt and Uncle hosted a potluck dinner in Wilmette, where we had four of their six children and their families, plus Scott and Carolyn. Cousin Stewart had a laptop with slides from his trip to Mongolia, and afterward we had a dazzling light show. One of the activists I met at the convention, Marcia Bernsten, knows my Uncle Bob, who was Executive Director for Citizens for a Nuclear Overkill Moratorium, and well-known to many Chicago-area activists.

I appreciated Chicago’s mass transit, system, and used the Metra, L, CTA bus, taxi, and even water taxi to get around. (I got there using the Megabus.) Sightseeing included Millennium Park, the Art Institute, Lakefront Trail, and Buckingham Fountain.

Restaurants included Firkin (enjoyed Belgian beer with Scott), Liberty, Corner Bakery, Miller’s Pub, Bobbie’s (wrong spelling – Farheen’s uncle’s restaurant – excellent India cuisine – our delegation took the L), Carmen’s pizza, Starbucks, and Einstein bagels.


At Wed Jul 16, 12:55:00 PM CDT, Blogger Farheen Hakeem GPMN delegate said...

The name of my uncle's restaurant is Bhabi's kitchen located at 6352 N. Oakley Ave. Chicago 773-764-7007. It is in the heart of the Devon Avenue area, where most South Asians live and shop and just plain hang out. It was fun taking all of my MN Green colleagues around my home town.

At Wed Jul 16, 09:05:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Thanks Farheen!

Thanks also to Carolyn for the yo-yo (in honor of my dad who as a child was a yo-yo champion) and the toy unicycle (she works for Chicagoland Bicycle Federation), and to Stuart for the refrigerator magnets from his travels. Thanks also to Phil and Roger for the light show, and to all the rest. Here's some music from Cousin Scott: http://www.scotthelmke.com/VOM1T-SecretAgentMan.mp3.

At Wed Jul 23, 08:33:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ann Pritchard said...

Hi Tom,
It sounds like you had a great trip.I am glad you had time to visit with family and see some sites. Also, glad that the convention went well.

Take care,
Ann Pritchard

At Wed Jul 23, 09:03:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Thanks Ann!

At Fri Jul 25, 12:04:00 AM CDT, Blogger Sheryl said...

You know what the Green's should do is work with the Libertarians.

The big beef against the green party is that they are spoilers, but if you had two minority parties coordinating together, then you wouldn't have that affect so much (even though a lot of the objectives are quite different.)

I just said that because I was thinking that Cynthia McKinney would be good in a debate, but I would not want to end up with McCain as a result. But if you had a strong libertarian with some similar conservatism to draw from those who like that in McCain, then a four way debate would be good, eh?

At Fri Jul 25, 08:16:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Bob Barr is said to be pulling votes from McCain.

If you were the only person voting, who would you vote for?


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