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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving talking points

Here are some talking points you can use with family and friends this holiday season. (Disclaimer: Our family has a gag order on politics this Thanksgiving.)

1) Greens would have cut the funding for Iraq.
2) Greens would not have authorized the use of force in Iran (Kyl-Lieberman).
3) Greens would not have legalized the wiretapping of our own citizens.
4) Torture is cruel and unusual, un-Christian and un-American. Greens would have forced filibusters on Habeas Corpus and the Military Commissions Act.
5) Greens would have voted for impeachment.
6) Greens would not have used depleted uranium in Yugoslavia or Iraq.
7) Greens would have passed single-payer universal health care.
8) Greens would have submitted Kyoto to the Senate for ratification.
9) Greens would have improved automobile efficiency in the eight Clinton-Gore years.

The spoiler argument is ad populum, or opinion based on opinion. Greens believe that opinion should be based on fact. Ventura showed that third parties can win, but he was televised. The Green Party revolution will not be televised. That’s how good Greens are. Greens don’t take the corporate money as shown on www.fec.gov.

Democrat vs. Republican is a false choice. The real choice is Green vs. Corporate.


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