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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Blog Post

2013 was a year of highs and lows.

1/12: I was in the Snow Ball dance competition, and was pleased with how I did, especially in my age and gender category.

4/20: Started a new postal route which pays more but has also resulted in long hours.

5/19: Attended Spencer's college graduation. He is now a manager at the UW Madison Laboratory of Genetics.

7/6: Returned to Madison for the wedding of Jenny Soceka, my cousin's daughter. Groom Tim Wartinbee is a US Marine and the wedding was complete with sabers and dress blues.

7/30: Farheen's brothers were murdered.

8/4: My niece's ex-boyfriend was beaten after walking through a gang fight.

8/17: Farheen and Dan were married near Chicago, following traditions of Islam and India. Quite the contrast to the military wedding, but both weddings were colorful, joyous, and an honor to attend.

10/26: Returned to Chicago to attend the memorial service for my Aunt Jean.

12/14: Found a 4th cousin using DNA technology.

12/21: Brother-in-law Bill Butler found dead from a heart attack.

12/26: Holding down the K route. Still ahead are the January flats, mail count, and spring break holds.

12/27: Looking forward to seeing Spencer and Emma today!


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