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Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Sports

I don't have the money to implement these new sports, but I think they would be greatly entertaining if the powers that be want to "run with it."

1. TeamChess - Each square would be 10 yards across, and there would be big buttons on the sidelines and end-zones to control the chess clocks on the scoreboard. Each team would consist of 16 humans which represent the pieces on a chessboard, plus a 17th player known as the "brain" who makes all the chess moves. Most of the standard chess rules apply, including "touch move." The brain must run to the selected teammate and tag up, telling that person where to move, and then run to the chess clock while the teammate runs to the assigned square. If the move involves a capture, a little game of tag ensues, and the captured player can run down the opponent's clock until tagged by the capturing player, or runs out of the square.

2. PackTag - This could be played on golf course terrain, with trees and rolling hills. Fixed boundaries are needed. It would be one adult against multiple kids. To win the round, one of the kids just needs to tag the adult. Injuries would be a concern.

3. StratRun - Inspired by the "Twixt" 3M board game, it would involve two teams of 3 or 4 players each. It would be played on vast terrain that is somewhat more wooded and varied than a golf course. The "Defense" team starts clustered at the center of the field, while the "Offense" team starts spread out, with each individual at different edges of the field. For the Offense to win, they just need to tag up with all their teammates at the same time, anywhere on the field. For the Defense to win, any player on the Defense just needs to tag any player on the Offense.


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