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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hakeem defeats Hayden in debate

Since the news media didn't cover Tuesday's debate for SD61 MN State Senate, I guess I have to. The candidates were Farheen Hakeem (G), Jeff Hayden (D), and Bruce Lundeen (R).

Farheen was the only one who praised OccupyMN. Hayden said nothing about it.

On the subject of Single Payer, she invited everyone to check the campaign finance reports for all the candidates. She doesn't take corporate or PAC money, while Jeff Hayden has taken money from MNDenPAC, which opposes single payer.

She talked about how legislators should not have taken the per diem pay during the shutdown, especially if they live in the metro area. Hayden took the per diem pay during the shutdown, and he lives in the metro area.

When asked about local government aid the state gives to Minneapolis, she said the city could gain credibility by curbing its police brutality problem. Hayden has taken campaign contributions from the police.


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