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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fewer voters choose Dayton


As this table shows, Dayton’s numbers this year were lower than other DFL statewide candidates this year and in years past, and lower than what he himself got when he ran for Senate in 2000. Horner, who got 12%, compared to 5% for other IP candidates this year, can explain most of the difference. The IP has haunted the DFL in races for Governor ever since Jesse Ventura won in 1998. But Horner is arguably more conservative than Dean Barkley, Tim Penney, and Peter Hutchinson, IP candidates of years past. Why is the IP still pulling votes from the Democrat? It could be IP party loyalty, or voters being uninformed about how conservative Horner is. But it could also be high negatives for Dayton, and I think the Farheen Hakeem campaign had something to do with that. We know that she forced the recount.

That fewer voters are choosing the DFL offers us a ray of hope that we can one day defeat the corrupt corporate-party system dominated by the Republicans and Democrats. Since Republican voters seem to be less informed about what can be accomplished by reforming government, Democratic voters will likely need to abandon their party first. They may end up doing this for moral reasons. We know that Democratic Party policies have resulted in deaths in Iraq, Palestine, in coalmines, and on oilrigs. Republican Party policies are similar, but it may take longer for Republican voters to become informed and to incorporate altruistic values into their belief systems.


At Sat Nov 13, 08:19:00 PM CST, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

In 2010, there were 4% fewer votes cast than 4 years ago and 28% fewer votes cast than 2 years ago.

2010 votes cast: 2106994 (for MN Governor)
2008 votes cast: 2910369 (for US President in MN)
2006 votes cast: 2202937 (for MN Governor)

2910369 – 2106994 = 803375 / 2910369 = 0.276039
2202937 – 2106994 = 95943 / 2202937 = 0.043552


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