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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


“We've got to change the tone in Washington. The Senate adjourned, and there's no prescription drug benefit bill, there's no energy bill, there's no budget. And so we can't go back to the kind of partisan divides. I really believe, if you look at the experience that I've had in the last eight years, that is what I think all of Minnesota would want today -- figure out a way to get it together…and do it, as we did with jobs, as we did with education, as we did with keeping a lid on taxes….And we could fight -- we could fight endlessly over partisan politics. We could fight endlessly over what we think is the perfect solution, but I think you've got to move it forward…would you rather have something today…something that the president would sign? Because if the president doesn't sign it, then we're stuck in gridlock…. I really believe we got to change that tone in Washington, move away from the strict partisan divides, find a way to cross the aisle. That was my experience in St. Paul, and that's the experience that I'll bring to Washington….We got it done by working in a bipartisan way, by changing the tone in the way we operate in St. Paul. We need to do the same in Washington. This election is about the future. Who, in your judgment, has the ability to do those things to grow jobs, to provide for quality education, to make sure that we live up to the obligation to our parents, make sure that we have quality healthcare -- who will work tirelessly, who will change the tone in Washington, who will reach across the aisle a bipartisan way, as I did in St. Paul, Republican mayor in a Democratic city?”

Norm Coleman, November 4, 2002


At Wed Apr 15, 05:12:00 PM CDT, Blogger Tom Cleland said...

Strategically, I think the Democrats should identify which bills – which aren’t passing now – would pass if Franken was in there. Amy Klobuchar prepared an interesting analysis on this last session. I’m still a Green, just providing some helpful advice to try to nudge policy to the left.


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